Global Unity Harmony Foundation come together to end abuse and 
corruption globally. We have projects being set up in different 
parts of the world to assist those traumatised to become more 
socially and economically active ‘Please refer to draft baseline of 
together for future dreams’. (This can be shown when asked 
for). Some of these projects are for art & crafts, music etc, as 
these forms of therapy can heal the soul and also bring communities 
together to enhance community spirit.

Thereafter we will be setting up e-trading facilities with all the 
countries involved, to sell their products, produced from 
psychological therapies. Any article sold 90% of revenue will be 
returned to the producers.

An Annual award certificate will be given out to each individual 
recognising their involvement in the campaign."To end abuse and 
corruption globally to assist people to full fill their 

We have been set up to highlight the extent of abuse and corruption 
within global society, and to try to bring about, by peaceful 
means, an end to it. We are a non political organization open to 
all religions, faiths, gender and nationalities.

Therefore celebrating the difference within our diverse cultures 
within society today. We will not stand for any form of discrepancy 
or mishap or form of the abuse of anyone's human rights of any 
form. And will always inform people of their right to be treated 
fairly. Through the medium of music and art, we are going to highlight the 
damage that abuse brings upon the human race. And celebrate the 
right to have freedom of choice to be able to have free thinking of 
what form of therapy they chose to recover.

By doing concert on the internet and television, we will hopefully 
encourage people to donate to our cause of putting an end to the 
abuse globally. So that people have true freedom to make choices 
for their own life and live out their dreams for a better life, no 
matter who they may be.

The quality of people's life has declined over the last few decades 
and we have to make sure that within equalities that people are 
treated fairly and given a chance to life out their dreams.

Then we will set up projects that will benefit people who suffer 
from trauma due to abuse. By providing psychological therapies in 
art & craft, music etc; some projects are already running who 
provide therapies of this sort, but due too the global economic 
downturn they are threatened extinction.

So we have to work together to sustain projects that are already 
there and add to them. From this we will then provide a means to 
sell the products produced from the therapies through our website 
to our contacts globally, so that the projects are self 
sufficient. Once this happens we will encourage the participants to then set up 
their own social enterprises to trade with other social enterprises 
that are set up with the other countries on board.

We will encourage private organizations to provide management time 
to the social enterprises so that they become self sufficient 
therefore we will be getting the people on board to set up projects 
for the people by the people.

If companies provide micro finance to set up the projects they are 
providing the social needs within the community, also if they give 
10% of their profit to the social needs within the community to 
sustain the needs they in turn can claim tax benefits.

So let us all work in collaboration to sustain the needs within our 
global society and stop putting our heads in the sand and thinking 
someone else will take up the slack. If we do not do anything we 
will be leaving the global mess for our grandchildren to clean up. 
So let us take control and be adults and sort the problem out. Let 
us leave a better place for our children and grandchildren to live